The Public Works Department works closely with the Housing Department and other First Nation Department’s.  It currently employ’s 12 full time employee’s as well as term employee’s.

The Water and Sanitation Department consists of the following services

  • The oversight of water services to homes and facilities;
  • The operation of the water plant and maintenance of water and waste water equipment;
  • Weekly Solid waste disposal services;
  • Land Fill Maintenance;

Roads and Construction Services

  • Maintenance of existing roads, such as building up roads and grading;
  • Culvert installation and ditch cutting to facilitate roads;
  • Operations and maintenance of heavy equipment;
  • Snow removal of all roads and all driveways;
  • Construction of new roadways and driveways;

Public Building Maintenance

The Public Works Department provides maintenance and repairs to all George Gordon First Nation public facilities and areas. It employee’s two janitors and general maintenance workers as well as contracting for more specialized services.

  • Facilitates electrical, plumbing and HVAC repairs maintenance for public buildings;
  • Grounds keeping services for some public areas;
  • Snow removal for public buildings;
  • Grave digging and some maintenance for the cemetery;
  • Maintenance of the Pow wow arbor and grounds;
  • Maintenance of 3 playgrounds;

Department Manager & Contact:

Public Works Manager: Jared Lonethunder
Office: (306) 835-2513



Water & Sewer

Contact  Jared Lonethunder

1-(639) 909-7044