We have so many roles in our community and Confidentiality is so important to delivery high standard of community Health and to provide quality health care

Community Health Nurse

We make appointments and transport clients to and from home

Promote healthy programs invite  clients to come participate we always make sure to put up our flyers in advance ,we help with the new babies weighing and measuring we have a layette for the new baby we also go for a tour with expecting patients at the hospital we go out with the nurse if she needs to find people ,also go out to get permission consent signed from  parents  to work with their children for instance (TB) Tuberculosis tests and the immunization at the George Gordon Education Center  And pick up clients for flu shots clients have to come into clinic ,for the senior arrangements can be made if it gets to icy out and if the school staff would like us to go there we can We have a First Aid babysitting class in the summer for 12 and over and so much more give us a call if you have any concerns


Home Care

We are asked to help in this program also some times if there,s  no one to drive a client to there appointment or hospital or delver meds or go get meds in Raymore ,Wynyard ,Regina or go get blood work done in Lestock ,sometimes delver meals on wheel Liver day we pick up clients for this as well


Wellness Centre

we make appointments with the mental health therapist and drive them to and from appointments sometimes if we have a client that has to see a parole officers as well if a client needs medicinal oil or creams we deliver for them we let are clients know when AA meeting are going on and methamphetamine  meeting as well


Dietitian Coordinator

We work with her as well we pick up clients for her programs and help with preparing food and cooking classes  let clients know when she is having classes at the clinic putting up fliers for our clients see in advance we have a shopping trips to Regina on healthy foods and label reading and more for your money we pick up clients to come consult  with her to manage there diabetes we work with her to sigh families up for the good food box


Doctor Dentist Pediatrician

We pick up clients to come in for there appointments


Canadian Oral Health Interventions (COHI)

I work with a dental therapist we go to the George Gordon Education Center twice a week we fluoride varnish teeth twice a year 0r three times  a year we work with children 7 and under to help prevent tooth decay When the child is 7 we also do sealants if the dentist didn’t get to them first we work with  Day Care and Heat Start we give out dental hygiene bags to every child we see I do a lot of paper work for one child I call the patients to make arrangements if child has to go see a dental surgeon I get all the consents sighed form patients or guardians I do home visits and I can do varnish if the dental therapist seen them already I and the dental therapist work with all the new patients we give them information on how keep there baby safe for tooth decay


Housing public works

We work with housing if client needs assistance with a letter to have a safe home like stairs, windows ,mold a ramp for wheelchairs , doors, appliances ,if a client like a senior needs the grass cut or road fixed we let them know


Child and Family Services

If there is suspicion of neglect or abuse to a child we have to report to the proper authority

If a client needs assistance to get out of a abusive relationship we can appoint them to a safe shelter and make arrangements for a ride

If a client needs to be in court and has no transportation we can make arrangements for them