Mission Statement:

The George Gordon First Nation Education Program is dedicated to supporting the advancement of our people though education along with preservation of our culture, traditions, values, customs and the spiritual well-being of families and our community.


Education Committee:

The Education Committee have monthly meetings to discuss issues which arise in our schools and in the community.   Community members are encouraged to apply as we are interested in your voice and your opinions.  Youth are welcome to apply so they can participate and learn about education services for our nation at the local level. Please contact our office or the band office for application forms


Mandate Statement:

George Gordon First Nation Education Committee supports the development of our First Nation children and youth through Education that will develop their individual potential and aspirations through addressing spiritual, mental, physical and emotional aspects.


Education Services

A major component of what we do is the overseeing of the Education Services Agreement with the Horizon School Division. This agreement is to be signed in the very near future securing our place in the management of the education for our nation.  The Education Services Agreement, more commonly known as the Tuition Agreement, is the document by which we participate in the delivery of education services for our students who attend at the George Gordon Education Centre, at Punnichy Elementary Community School, at the Punnichy High School, and at Raymore School.  The Horizon School Division is currently the managers of learning for our local schools by providing teaching staff and resources.  Recently, GGFN has assumed control of the tuition funding which means that we have entered into a different arrangement with Horizon.  This means that we are seeking greater involvement in not only the financial management, but also in the content of the learning delivered to our students both cultural and academic.


School Supplies:

Our program assists in directly purchasing supplies for use in our local schools.  Also, for on-reserve band members, we provide a limited amount of funds for the purchase of gym shoes, backpack and other necessities which parents might like to purchase on their own.  The application forms for school supplies will be added to this site and made available in person through the TEC centre at a later date in the Fall.


School Community Councils – Parental and Community Involvement

Every school in Saskatchewan has a School Community Council (SCC). SCCs include elected and appointed parents or guardians and community members. They work to advance the educational objectives of their school.

Each school has their own school community council and the struggle is real in all schools to find interested community members to participate in the meetings which are held only 8 times throughout the school year.

SCCs work with parents and community members to:

  • share responsibility for the success and well-being of all children and youth; and,
  • encourage parent, community and youth engagement in school planning and improvement.
  • to manage the limited funding for the provision of events, resources or activities for the youth throughout the school year.

Any parent or guardian of a student who attends the school or any community member who is an elector (as defined in The Local Government Election Act) and lives within the attendance area for that school is eligible to run for an elected position on the SCC.


School Community Council Membership is a Representative Membership.

  • The School Community Council shall consist of:
    • Five to nine parent and community members elected at the Annual
    • General Meeting (Majority shall be parents)
    • Two secondary (high school) students
    • Representatives from the following First Nation(s) which have students who live on-reserve and are enrolled in this school (GGDN, Day Star, Muskowekwan, Kawacatoose):
    • Any other members approved by the Board of Education upon submission of nomination from the School Community Council
  • Permanent Members
  • The School Community Council will have the following Permanent Members:
    • The School Principal
    • A teacher

For information about the SCCs in your school or school division, contact your school principal or school division office, or visit your school division website and follow the links to SCCs.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Website – SCC Info:



Horizon School Division Website – SCC Info: