The George Gordon Housing Department oversees all of the George Gordon First Nations residential housing needs.

Responsibilities and Duties

The George Gordon Housing Department is responsible for the maintenance, construction and management of all GGFN’s Housing Assets on reserve.

In conjunction with Public Works, Plumbing, heating, carpentry, water/wastewater and electrical are provided for essential purposes and additional services are provided for furnace, vent cleaning, well services, mold remediation, fire restoration, fumigation, handicap modifications and so on. Minor or major maintenance, renovations and construction are also a part of the Housing Department.

The Gordon’s Housing Department is committed to the changing needs of the community. With our ultimate responsibility being to maintain the integrity of housing assets, we work with a number of the GGFN’s other Departments to assist in combating the social, emergency and safety issues of occupants.

Housing Policy

To ensure the health, safety and preservation of housing units and occupants, a formal Policy was created which outlines the purpose, objectives, definitions, responsibilities and protocols in relation to housing.

The Housing Authority

A committee comprised of GGFN members provides advice and oversight of the Housing Department.