George Gordon Health & Wellness is committed to providing high quality care and service to inspire and achieve optimal health and wellness in our community.


Health & Wellness Staff
Rob Kirk
Mental Health Therapist
Rob Kirk is GGFN’s Mental Health Therapist and provides counseling to individuals and families, adults youth and children.
He has an office in the Wellness Centre and also provides home visits on request. He has 32 years of experience as a Psychologist and first started on Gordons in 1993.
He has been married for 27 years and has two daughters, 21 and 24. He likes spending time with friends and family and long distance running in his spare time.
Band members and their families can arrange appointments by phone or text at (306)539-2411 or call the Wellness Centre.
Janice Bear
Home Health Aide
Hello, my name is Janice Bear. I am originally from Shoal Lake Saskatchewan and I currently reside in Muskowekwan.  I am a Home Health Aide and it’ll be 2 years that I have been working for George Gordon First Nation Health Clinic.
I’ve been working as a Home Health Aide for 9 years, 7 years I worked in a Long-Term Care Home in Nipawin and Senior’s Retirement Home in Cudworth.
I finished my schooling at Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies in Saskatoon to certify as a Home Health Aide.
I will and always ensure that our Senior’s of George Gordon First Nation are looked after to the best of my knowledge and have their health monitored daily while I am at work. I make sure our Senior’s get to their Doctor’s appointments or any Lab Work if needed. It is a huge privilege to look after our First Nations Senior’s.
I will share the reason why I’ve taken this course is because when I was young and living with my Kokum and when she was in her 80’s, I couldn’t look after her and didn’t know how to administer her all of medications as she was diabetic and had heart problems, she inspired me to take care of our First Nations men and women.
During this time working for GGFN, I feel like I know more people in GGFN than where I live.
Thank You, George Gordon First Nation for welcoming me into your community and entrusting me to take care of our First Nation Senior’s.
Michelle Archer, RD, CDE
Coordinator, Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative

Michelle Archer is both a Registered Dietitian (RD) and a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE).  She specializes in food and food systems and she specializes in using food to prevent and manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many other health conditions.  She helps people living with chronic conditions to manage their condition and stay in good health.  She also helps people navigate the healthcare system and she advocates for the use of the best treatments for each person she works with.

Kerry Worme
Home Care LPN

My name is Kerry Worme, I am from Kawacatoose First Nation but reside in Punnichy with my husband, son and 3 grandchildren.  I am currently employed as a full-time Home Care LPN on GGFN since April 1st, 2015


I have previously been employed with RQHR as a regional Home Care Nurse, the Cupar Nursing Home and the Regina General Hospital on the Cardioscience Unit – 3F. I was also employed casually at the All Nations Healing Hospital in Fort Qu’Appelle.

Alice Morris
Community Health Representative

My name is Alice Morris and I am a member of the GGFN and am currently employed as a Community Health Representative.

I am an accomplished LPN with 40 years of nursing experience.

More than my role as CHR, I hold various certificates, gain significant professional experience in public relations, participated in delivery of and provided high standard quality health care to the GGFN community.

Certificates: 1. LPN, 2. CHR, 3. Podiatry, 4. Reflexology, 5. First Aid/ CPR, 6. Safe Food Handling, 7. Medication administration.

Professional Experiences:  1. Teacher Assistant, 2. Farmer/ Farm machinery, 3. Administrative Assistant, 4. Janitorial services.

Through my qualifications and professional experiences in the health care field, provides me with the proper tools designed to promote community health and wellness and improve professional performance.

Megan Pele
Registered Nurse Home Care Supervisor

My Name is Megan Pele and I am the Registered Nurse Home care Supervisor for George Gordon First Nation. I live in Cupar, Sk with my daughter and our puppy, Marty.  I have worked as a nurse in a number of facilities within the Region including; All Nations Healing Hospital, various medicine units as well as the Pasqua Hospital Emergency. I have been a part of the George Gordon Health Team since Aug 2017.

Tiffany Cyr
Home & Community Care LPN

Graduated from SIAST in 2010.

Worked for 5 years at All Nations Healing Hospital in Acute and Emergency in Fort QuAppelle, SK.

Worked for 3 years in LTC care casual at St. Joseph’s Integrated Care Centre in Lestock, SK.

Came home to work on George Gordon, my home community in homecare.

Certification: Advanced Footcare, Woundcare, Phlebotomy, LEAP Palliative Care, Mental Health First Aid, First Aid & CPR, TLR, and PART.


In 2015 I decided that I had gained enough knowledge in the health field and had enough valuable experience to bring back to my home community. Our team organized and expanded homecare services. We brought in GP’s, Pediatricians, Specialists, and Dental Services. We are progressive in the ever-changing technology of data management. We were successful in converting our traditional paper charting method to an enhanced Electronic Medical Record. Our homecare team continues to address and negotiate barriers to care with the Saskatchewan Health Authority and Indigenous Services Canada.

Lisa McNab
Community Health RN

My name is Lisa McNab. I am a Registered Nurse, currently employed with Indigenous Services Canada. I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan, College of Nursing, in the spring of 2012; however I worked as an LPN since 2008.

I have been employed, half time, as one of the Community Health Nurses here in George Gordon First Nation (GGFN) since November 2019, and half time in Daystar First Nation.

I am a proud member of GGFN; though I currently reside in Regina with my family.