Who are we?

  • Megan Pele – Registered Nurse
  • Tiffany Cyr – Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Kerry Worme – Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Linda Pruden – Certified Home Health Aide
  • Janice Bear – Certified Home Health Aide

What is Homecare and what do we do?

We provide health and support services for people of all ages and their families to help be discharged from hospital or to remain in the community. Our services depend on your assessed care needs and are reviewed on a yearly basis. The goal is to promote independence, which we try to assist by providing a bit of help from the homecare team. These services are a complement to the support of family, friends, neighbours and others in the community. We visit in the home or in the hospital to determine eligibility to receive services.

Our certified Home Health Aides are able to provide assistance to their homecare clients with personal care, meals, health checks, companionship and light home making services. The frequency of the visits is determined between the homecare assessor and based on the clients needs at the time.  The Home Health Aides are the nurse’s eyes and ears in the community for all homecare clients.  They report back anything of concern back to nursing Supervisor for follow up.

Our Homecare nurses provide a number of services in the community including hospital discharge planning, medication management, dressing changes, injections, footcare and health education and promotion.  We are liaison between GGFN community members and healthcare professionals such as Podiatrists, Doctors, Pharmacy and Specialists.  We advocate for accessible healthcare for everyone and we try our best to bring the healthcare services to the community.

Anyone can refer someone for homecare services.  If you are concerned about a community member, you can contact the homecare staff and an assessment of needs will be done by nursing.  Some people may not want to accept help and they have the right to refuse homecare services.