Gordons First Nations Administration includes Gordons First Nations Executive Staff.

The Executive Staff includes the Chief Operating Officer whom is fully accountable for the review and the ongoing implementation and recommendations for Gordons First Nation, ensures the organization is operating as efficiently as possible, oversees the Program Managers, Executive Directors, Department Operations, Administration Financial Management, Administrations,

Department Description

The Administration Division is a trusted partner with the Nation’s leadership, management and members in helping GGFN achieve its vision and mission.

Department Services

 Gordons First Nation Operations department ensure compliance with funding agreements and stakeholders.

  • Primary responsibilities are planning, implementing, managing and controlling all Operations, performance reporting, advice to Chief and Council, Administration & Projects activities within the organization.
  • GGFN Operations ensures all Gordons Departments and Programs do perform in accordance with GGFNS Policy and Procedures.
  • Gordons Operations duties does include the review and operations of terms, contracts, and policy and procedures
  • Gordons Nations Operating Office is fully transparent, emphasizes organizational and community benefits, communication and collaboration between Chief and Council, business partners and stakeholders
  • Administration department generates weekly reports, office duties, corresponds with the departments, employees, finance, human resources, managers and Chief & Council.

Contact Information

Harriett Walker – Director of Operations

Finance Department

The Finance Division is a trusted partner with the Nation’s leadership, management and members in helping GGFN achieve its vision and mission.

Our Finance Department provides the Nation, its leaders and employee’s, the following services:

  • Financial and performance reporting and advice to Chief and Council and Gordons First Nation Departments and Programs in accordance with GGFNS Financial Administration.
  • Accounting services including payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, banking, account reconciliation, grant management, capital assets, insurance, budgeting, audit compliance, consolidated financial reporting and analysis.
  • Maintain financial systems, processes and internal controls to protect the Nation’s assets

Contact Information

Finance Office

  • Dayle Hunter Accounting Clerk ap2@ggfn.ca835.2230 extension 228
  • Louise Pelletier Accounting Clerk ap@ggfn.ca835.2232 extension 225

The IT Department of Gordons First Cree falls under the umbrella of the GGFN Band Administration Department.

The Information Tech responsibility is currently is to provide IT services to the Nation.

Under the Administration Office, the responsible for most of the technology that GGFN utilizes in its day to day operations.

The services that GGFN IT provides are as follows: day to day desktop and systems support for employees of GGFN,  GGFN network support and administration, GGFN system support and administration, ordering of IT related services, software and equipment for GGFN, telephone system administration, project planning and management for IT projects, vendor engagement and management, and IT contract management. In future GGFN will provide additional services to all GGFN departments such as technology research and recommendations, database development and management, technology strategy planning, as well as other technology services that GGFN may require.

Contact Information


Administration & Finance Staff
Dayle Hunter
Finance Payable Clerk
Dayle started in GGFN Finance / Administration in January 2019, Dayle has a Financial background and has worked with TCFS and TATC in the Finance areas.
Dayle has the duties of  the accounts payable and update financial records, Compute bills and charges. Offer customer assistance, audits and researches  prior to financial transactions
Louise Pelltier
Finance Payable Clerk
Louise started in GGFN Finance / Administration  in October 2019
Louise has a Diploma in Business specializing in Human Resources
Louise has taken on the duties of procurement processing, payroll, accounts receivable
Evan McNab-Desjarlais
Finance/Reception – Skill Link Program

Evan is placed in the Finance area as a Skills Link Student program and has done great, Evan has taken on tasks and has been a great help in Finance

His duties include keeping financial records, preparing bills and delivering high-quality customer service