Contact Info:

Rhonda F. Laslo, B.Ed.
Director of Education, Training, and Employment

Hi, Many of you know me from my career incarnations of working in career and education development at TATC being Post Secondary funding advisor and counselor, working with Labour Force Development, teaching, career counseling, and now as the Director of Education Training and Employment for our nation. I enjoy what I do and have made many useful connections and friendships over the years with many people in education, employment and industry. As a supporter of continuing education, I am happy to say I have continued my own educational pursuits and am currently enrolled in the tail end of my Masters in Adult Education and Community Development at the University of Regina.  At this time, it is uncertain if I will pursue the doctorate, but it is a thought and a possibility.  It is with great satisfaction that I can continue to utilize my knowledge, skills and abilities to assist the people of our nation to develop their interests in education and employment.


On a personal note, I am a single parent of one marvelous kid, oldest sibling to three notorious brothers, and daughter to one Mrs. Sarah Laslo.

Candace Strongeagle
Employment Counsellor & Education Assistant

 My name is Candace Strongeagle and I am an Employment Counsellor and Education Assistant at the Training and Employment Centre (TEC) located on GGFN under the supervision of the Director of Education, Employment and Training.  We are housed in what was once the Minor Sport Building on the south side of the band office.


I help people put together resumes and cover letters when they come in. I have also helped someone set up and connect their Microsoft Word and Google Drive on their mobile device to their email so it would be easier access for them if they cannot come in. I assist anyone that comes in needing help with anything online that they need to access. I can help with the application for employment benefits, education program research, online employment applications, filling out forms, etc.  Anything I can help with I am always willing and happy to do here at the TEC.